Why Create HavenHyggeHouse?

Christine Christensen Founder of HavenHyggeHouse

Christine Christensen
Founder of HavenHyggeHouse

I am a Danish mom and a Danish Certified Doula.

I am also a professional classical cellist.

Up until this point in my life, I’ve travelled the world competing, performing and going to school. I haven’t lived in one place for more than a year and a half in the last 20+ years. Despite always being on the go, I have made deep friendships with people along the way, people from all cultures and countries.

Sounds amazing, right?

It was amazing...until I sat in an apartment with our newborn daughter and felt so alone.

My strongest support was right there, but only in my phone. Though I felt their love, I needed this support in my real life.

I just go scream in the hen house when it’s too much.
— A fellow mom, laughing as she said it, though we both knew there was truth in her words.

If you are a parent, you know parenting is hard. Brutal even.

  • The feeling that you haven't done today right.

  • That you haven't stimulated your child enough.

  • You are exhausted, yet feel like you should have given more.

  • Your child hasn't been around people other than you and your partner for days, maybe longer, and it bothers you because you want your child to know that relations outside your immediate family are safe and positive.



I want you to join our tribe at HavenHyggeHouse.

Because my family needs you, other families need you, and you need us.

It is my belief that we need people around when we parent. Those first years of finding your way as a parent are extremely challenging. I have felt, through my own experience, that even the slightest interaction with other parents in the same boat as me has lifted the "this is only happening to me/my family, everyone else has this worked out" desperation.

At HavenHyggeHouse, we create a routine for you and for your child.

Using HavenHyggeHouse as a daily home-away-from-home, your child will feel safe and comfortable with our familiar space and soon begin to run/crawl/wobble around and explore. Your child will be happy, and I know that will make you happy.

HavenHyggeHouse is built on concepts I have taken with me from my native Denmark and Scandinavia. My husband, Jonathan, daughter, Ella, and I attended a place in Sweden much like HavenHyggeHouse and it changed our lives.

For the first time as a parent, I had a place to go with my child. A place where we were welcomed and friendships blossomed. It was a place where Ella and I were both surrounded by people who were in the same stage of life as us and by people who had been there. The love we experienced there was incredible and we want to bring the same to you.

At HavenHyggeHouse the time is yours to focus in on your child and the relationships just waiting to happen around you.

I hope you will join our Song Circle (though I am a musician, don't get your expectations up...I am a cellist, not a singer!), which will teach your child movements and words through the repetitiveness and predictability of the songs we sing. I hope you will lean in to this community and give as much advice as you gain. I hope you will take time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a quiet moment for yourself while you are with us.

I promise you that when that voice of "I should have done more" comes creeping at night, you can scoof and tell it, "I did good! I had hours of quality time with my child at HavenHyggeHouse today.”

My family can't wait to meet your family!

Join us at HavenHyggeHouse.