Mama Circle - Second Time Mamas


Mama Circle - Second Time Mamas

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This Mama Circle is especially for those who are second time mamas.

Our weekly Mama Circles are support and education groups for mamas looking for information and community. The circle provides a safe space where the women gathered can offload what's challenging and celebrate what's going well.  It is also a place where information will be shared, but not pushed, so that mamas can decide what works best for their family and truly begin to step into their confidence in this new role of "mother.”  It's about feeling confident and trusting those maternal instincts that are born on the same day the baby arrives.

Mama Circle sessions have three parts: Support (each mama has an opportunity to “check in” and share what’s going well and what’s been a challenge), Interactive Play & Music (age and developmentally appropriate songs and activities keep the little ones happy and included), and Education (info on a weekly topic is shared and discussed).

Enjoy 8 weeks of support, education, and play through a 90 minute class every Monday, May 2nd - June 17th, 2019 at 9:30AM.

Topics will include:

  • Transitioning from one to two

  • The balancing act

  • Positive and connection parenting (benefits of time IN instead of time OUT)

  • Older child’s emotions and engaging cooperation

  • Younger child’s developmental milestones

  • Self care and staying present amidst chaos

  • Parenting with a partner (renegotiating relationships after the addition of a new family member)

  • Sleep

  • And more!

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