How much does it cost?

HavenHyggeHouse has monthly subscription memberships starting at $36 per family (as well as drop off options and two special parent’s night out opportunities a month!). See our Join Now page to sign up.

Being part of the HavenHyggeHouse family means more than just a dollar investment, you will also invest time and attention in your child and our community. To gather the most benefit from our space, your child needs the comfort and continuity that comes from the regular attendance of all members.

It is our goal to provide a safe and supportive environment for you, surrounded by like-minded families. We seek members who will be there, week after week to contribute to our community with their presence.

Is there a discount?

We want everyone to have access to our space, even if you can’t pay at the moment. If you want to come, but simply cant afford it, simply reach out and tell us. We will always let you in.

Or if you feel you can contribute to HavenHyggeHouse, please contact us so we might work out a deal!

What is “parent & me”?

During “Parent & Me” time at HavenHyggeHouse, you’ll make lifelong, supportive friendships, strengthen your bond to both your child and local community, and enjoy a cozy, relaxed atmosphere while playing and exploring with your child.

HavenHyggeHouse also holds monthly learning events hosted by a variety of local experts.

Who can attend HavenHyggeHouse with my child?

Anyone you trust with your child, we trust with our space. We support your family's schedule and routine. Please no more than two children per adult caregiver.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. Cancelled subscriptions will remain active for the rest of the current paid month.

Can HavenHyggeHouse cancel a subscription?


We reserve the right to cancel a subscription at any time. We want our space to be amazing for your little ones and if we see behavior that might interfere with the communal happiness, we will do everything we can to resolve the issue before cancelling.

Why is HavenHyggeHouse an electronics-free zone?

Research has shown (and we all know it to be true!) that eye contact is a crucial part of child development. We want your child to feel supported and SEEN when she/he tries to interact with others. We ask that all electronics be used in either the front or back of the space, but always outside of the main area. We have shelves for bags, a place to hang coats, and stroller parking, too, to encourage you to leave the outside world at the door.

Who is HavenHygGeHouse for?

Anyone with a child 0 - 3 years old who would like to escape the busy, over-stimulating world in favor of warm, cozy, and relaxed time with their child. We are a non-judgemental, loving, all-inclusive space.

What kind of cleaning products does HavenHyggeHouse use? How can I help keep the space germ-free?

We use completely non-toxic Norwex and Seventh Generation. Please remove your shoes at the door and always wear socks in the space. Also, please keep ill children at home to rest and recover before rejoining us.

Is outside food/snacks allowed?

Outside food is not only allowed, but encouraged. Full bellies are hygge at its finest! We have a 12 foot long communal dining table, complete with high chairs so we can gather for meals and snacks. You can bring what’d like, but please consult with the responsible adult before offering food to any child.

Are you breastfeeding-friendly? Bottle-friendly? Pump-friendly? How about a space to store pumped milk?

Yes! Feed those babies! We are an all inclusive space and your choice of feeding method is welcomed. We have a refrigerator that’s open for anyone to use.

Can my child bring personal toys into the space?

Please leave favorites at home or stored with your bag outside of the space. We have plenty of toys to share with everyone.

Are there changing tables? Are you cloth diaper friendly?

Of course! We have changing tables in both the women’s and men’s restrooms! Cloth and disposables are both welcomed. Inclusive space for the win!

What happens if a child is being disruptive? What about if there is a problem with an adult?

Adults are responsible for the behavior of their child and of themselves at all times. Please remember to handle interpersonal issues with kindness.

What should I bring with me to HavenHyggeHouse?

Yourself, your child, and your willingness to contribute to our community with a happy heart.

Have another question? Please contact us!