"Her er så stille"

“Aaaah, it’s so quiet here.”

Sometimes Ella says this out of nowhere when we move between “scenes” in our everyday world. It can happen when we enter an elevator, when we go outside in specific spots, or just when we are alone at the house, being quiet.

In our society we have gotten so far away from silence.

I believe that in our quest for becoming “effective and successful” we have taught ourselves that silence is the same as “nothing is happening,” which equals, “I am not being effective” to many people. I have been on walks with the stroller (sleeping baby) and thought to myself, “I should listen to something so I can learn something new now when I have a minute to myself.”

Constantly pushing.

The danger is that we are passing this on to the little humans.

The fear of silence.

The fear of weakness and “not doing.”

Because I believe that we much teach our children silence and calm, I am extremely passionate about bringing no toys with sounds or flashing lights into HavenHyggeHouse.

We will have no constant background music. (Except for the soothing sound of friendships being made.)
And I will always ask that we keep the general atmosphere at HavenHyggeHouse calm and respectful.

Let’s have our little ones teach us silence and calm.
Let’s follow their cues and let them set the pace.