Do it in the potty, not on your body!! So…this and that child has done it in the potty since they were 2!


Here I had to stop myself.

First of all because another mother told me that she read somewhere, that some children actually feel like a part of themselves fall into the toilet when they poop…which really changed my perspective.

Today a mother friend asked me for advice about her situation. Her child hasn’t pooped in days because the child refuses to poop on the potty. This urge to get the baby out of the diapers is not new to me.
I have felt it creeping in on me… slowly but surely.

However, I am realizing that the rush isn’t for my daughter’s sake, but for my own. I have actually caught myself checking how many of the children in her class still have diapers stored at the diaper table in the hallway. Because I don’t want us to be the “last ones.”


So this leads me to my issue.

The traditional “living through your child”…proving my own excellence through her achievements…is a habit I DESPISE. I refuse to rush my child, in any way, to satisfy social norms and expectations.

I think a lot of us have to be really honest with ourselves and not push so hard.

(No pun intended.)