the trap.

The trap of performing.

So, we are a week in… a week and 1 day (not that anyone is counting…..) I am so grateful for all the interest, all the support and all of the meaningful conversations that have already happened in our space.

Moving forward I want to take full advantage of HavenHyggeHouse and contribute with as much value as possible to our local community.

As I spend every waking hour thinking about this space and about our mission, I have now caught myself trying to BE something that I didn’t mean to be.

As in, I am trying to find the right fit for the right professional to come in and sing/read a story/etc. I have done this to pull people in and bring attention to us. However, I feel that by doing this I have gone a little off track, as my originally layed track was for us to emphasize the power of parents/community and that we actually don’t need anyone to “come in” and entertain our children (and us).

Therefore I am buying a ukulele (watch out world) and we will now start doing casual “let’s gather in a circle and sing songs together,” because we are teaching our children that one doesn’t have to be a singer to enjoy the fun of singing together.

As I want to plan out hand gestures and songs (and learn a few chords on the ukulele) we probably won’t start this until next week.

Yesterday a mom told me “I used to be a children’s librarian, so if you ever want anyone to read to the children…” and then it hit me “YES! stories read by other children’s parents…we can take turns! Or whoever wants to read can read”. Teaching our children to listen and enjoy other adults in our community.

Let’s teach our children community. Together.