We are not for everyone.

“Aren’t you worried that people will just do this at their own house? That people won’t show up?”

Our daughter is almost 3. I am a weathered mother by this point (oh, I know I’ll get even more weathered... don’t worry) I have attended playgroups, activity classes, music classes, awkward MeetUp groups, and play dates. I HAVE DONE IT ALL! and it was even more exhausting than being home alone with my girl.

I went from being a professional, competing, world traveling, hardcore classical cellist (yup, classical musicians are more hardcore than you might think) to becoming a mother.

My world changed literally over night.

And I felt lonely.

I kept thinking to myself, “HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO CONNECT WITH OTHER PARENTS!?” and now I know that it IS hard. Because when you are a parent, you use all your energy on your child. The level of energy distributed to your social butterfly wings is extremely limited. And then you end up at the playground with strangers or at the Gymboree class, everyone grasping at straws to make this a meaningful and engaging encounter….and it sucks.

I have met one woman who made it work. And she only managed because she expected something in return from the other parents in her playgroup. See, we all need to invest and be willing to SHOW UP for this to work.
I know HavenHyggeHouse is not for everyone. I don’t want it to be for everyone.

Our space is not another thing to just sign-up for and occasionally use when its raining.

We are a commitment.

A commitment to your child’s growth and social development. A commitment to teaching your child that being around people outside of your immediate family is safe and important. An investment in your community. An investment in your own well-being and sanity.

If you are ready to commit, we, and other parents like you, are here to welcome you!