If you are the parent of a 0-3 year old child and have ever felt a sense of GUILT for not doing parenting right (yup, thats all of us) then HavenHyggeHouse is for you!!!

At HavenHyggeHouse you will find that your parenting is perfection simply because you show up, pay attention to your child, and let him/her play and explore on his/her own terms with other families from our local community.

We are not a daycare, a physical activity place (like Catch Air or Hippohopp), or a Gymboree.

Instead, we are a HUGE LIVING ROOM (with free coffee always on and sometimes even homemade Danish pastries!) for you and all the other roaming parents (I’m one of them!) to come together and create community and a social support network for ourselves and our little ones. Every weekday!

We believe in non-flashy toys, calm interactions, and eye contact (we are a NO phones zone, so your little one will be met with attention when she/he reaches out to another human), predictability, and comfort. Every weekday, starting at 9:30AM, we gather to sing and play together!

My family can't wait to meet yours! We hope you’ll join us.

Peace and Love,

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